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Ken Foxcroft (Now lives in Canada)-
I was one of the youngest representatives at the 1959 Jamboree in the Philippines at the age of 15. I was the only representative from Borehamwood and Hertfordshire. Many people in Borehamwood and Hertfordshire were very generous in their support both morally and financially in helping me to attend. At the age of 15, I was at a very impressionable stage in my life and attendance at the Jamboree enhanced myself esteem, confidence levels and had a long and lasting impact on my life. The Jamboree itself provided many opportunities of meeting other scouts from around the world and the home stay with local residents before and after the Jamboree gave me a unique appreciation for the Pilipino life style and culture.
Upon returning from the Jamboree I continued my Senior Scouting and received my Queen’s Scout award a year later. I joined the local Rover Crew and spent many weekends working at our local camp site at Wellend and on working parties at Gilwell Park.
In 1967, my wife and I were transferred to Canada by my employer The Toronto-Dominion Bank where we have lived ever since. I rejoined the scouting movement in Mississauga, Ontario as a Cub Leader in 1982, introduced a scout troop to the area in 1986 and finished up as a Venturer Leader from 1990 – 1994. This allowed me to share the scouting experience with my two sons and to repay the benefits that I gained from Scouting in England. Following an active period of Scouting in Canada, I joined our local area Board as a director for about 5 years. Sincerely hope that you all have a great reunion and I only wish I could be there with you all.

Philip Michael Walters - Philip has recently put together a website of the history of his Scout Group 6th Barry and you can find it at www.6thBarry.org                                                                         May 1949 - I joined the Cubs section of the 6th Barry (All Saints) Sea Scouts, and gained my Leaping Wolf.
March 1952 – I went up to Scouts – The group had just become the proud possessor of an ex RN Motor Torpedo Boat, minus its engine, called the ‘Guardship Albatross’. It was moored in the Old Harbour, 50 yards in front of my house. The group had a fleet of canoes, sailing and rowing dinghies. Consequently I spent an enormous amount of time boating.
July 1952 – I attended my first camp at the Welsh Jamboree at Picton Castle. September 1953 - I gained my all Round Cords, and was made a Patrol Leader March 1956 - Went up to the Senior Scout Troop. I was awarded my Queen Scout award in 9 months, (The youngest recipient, so I was told)
April 1957 – Three of us rowed 200miles from Barry to Windsor Castle, following the route Baden Powell had canoed in 1857. After attending the Parade at St Georges Chapel, Windsor, with the Queen, we presented the Chief Scout Lord Rowallan with a Commemorative framed parchment, from the Scouts of Wales, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Scouting.
December 1957 – The log of our expedition won the ‘Goodson Trophy’ by HQ for the best expedition by water.
August 1957 – Attended JIM 9th World Jubilee Jamboree at Sutton Coalfield. July 1959 – Attended 10th World Jamboree at the Philippines.
September 1959 – Appointed Assistant Senior Scout Leader by special dispensation of the Chief Commissioner.
August 1961 – While on staff of water activities section of Senior Scouts GYB at Aberdovey, the Group purchased a ex RNLI Lifeboat from the Outward Bound School.
The Senior Scouts then spent 3 years converting the lifeboat into a Sail Training Schooner, which was christened Seahawk.
January 1965 – Appointed Scout Leader of 6th Barry Sea Scouts.
1963 - 1967 – Two week Cruises each year around Bristol Channel
December 1965 – The log of our cruise to Ireland awarded the ‘Goodson Trophy’ by HQ.
November 1971 – Awarded the Medal of Merit.
January 1973 – Appointed as Group Scout Leader, in addition to SL.
January 1980 – Resigned from 6th Barry.
March 1988 – Appointed chairman of Barry District Scout and Guide Annual Fete. After 25 years this event was running down and only making a small profit. By involving professional entertainers etc. the Annual Fete was turned around, so that it became the largest such event in Wales with attendances rising to 10,000 per year.
January 1990 – Joined Barry District Scout Fellowship.
April 2003 – Awarded the Silver Acorn.
September 2005 Resigned as Chairman of Fete. During my time as chairman we had raised over £250,000 for Barry District Scout and Guide Funds.

I joined 40th Chingford in 1950 as a cub and then joined the Sea Scout troop in 1953. The 40th was a very large active group with Sea, Air and Land Scout Troops, run in those days by Ted Gathercole as GSM. We went camping overseas most years - I recall Ireland, Holland and Germany. Being close to Gillwell Park, I remember well dragging a trek cart the 5 odd miles up to Gillwell for weekend or holiday camping!! I was promoted patrol leader and then troop leader.
Left when we moved to Ongar in 1958 and joined 3rd Ongar. Was selected for Philippines as you know, and largely funded by the efforts of local doctor and Group patron, Ted Hatfield who raised money from local businessmen, in return for which I gave a presentation and showing of 8mm film to all those who donated, taken on the old camera Doc Hatfield loaned me. As a senior scout I assisted with running the troop up to 1964 when I married and left Ongar. I felt I had done my bit, and devoted all my spare time to sailing, which is still my passion, having spent 7 years restoring a wooden classic yacht and sailing her off the coast of South Africa.
I remember Chris Jowett.I live in a small town  called Knysna - mainly sailing and holiday spot - and we are about 460km from Cape Town and 420km from Paarl. I have a cruising yacht based in Knysna marina, but only visit for a long weekend every two months as I am still working in Johannesburg, which is 1300km from
home! Ridiculous still working at 70, but having 52 years' experience 
in the construction industry makes me a useful commodity! Planning to
do one more year and then retire and take my yacht to Greece and become a swallow! Best wishes  Warwick Lattin 

Roger Norman -I tried to make it brief!                                              From Dec 1951 until present day.
In Nov 1951 I joined 19th Epping Forest South S G in Wanstead, Essex and was enrolled as a Wolf Cub on Dec 1951 the Chief Scout was Lord Rowallan.
In 1953 I joined the 14th Hackney (St. John at Hackney) Scout Group.
We were founded May 1911 and have met continously all through the 2 Wars. My first Summer Camp was 1954 at Cranham Glos, in 1955 it was Walesby Forest in Nottinghamshire, where we all got into Robin Hoods Oak and visited a Coal Mine even going down to the pit face.-I still have my miner’s helmet! In 1956 we went to Wales and I was made a P L of the Bulldogs and because we won a special camping competition we met the Mayor of Hackney and The Chief Scout Lord Rowallan.
In 1957 we went to Torquay. That year we had a coach trip from Hackney to the 50yrs Jamboree at Sutton Coldfield; this was my first visit of many to a Jamboree. I lead my Patrol to 2nd place in the LUKIS Trophy –Camping Competition for London named after Capt. Theodore S Lukis MD, MRCP and at the end of this year I went up into the Senior Scouts at the time I was acting T L.  1958 we went to Broadstone Warren, Sussex for our Summer Camp by train. It rained for most of the 2 weeks and we had to move the kitchen area 3 times and our tents twice, it was a very muddy camp, several boys went home because of the bad weather. I was made the Troop Leader as well as being in the Senior Scouts and becoming a P L of the Scott Patrol and I was working towards my Queens Scout. I also went to Kandersteg in Switzerland with the Senior Scouts for 2 weeks climbing and hiking.

In Feb 1959 I was awarded my Queen’s Scout after receiving this award I was told I was being put forward for the 10th World Jamboree in the Philippines. I had to go in front of a selection board and from the whole of East London only 2 of us were on the short list, fortunately I was the one chosen, we were then told we had to raise £300 to go. During this year I lead my Senior Patrol the Scott’s to 1st Place in the “Stanley E Ince” OBE Trophy       The Highlight of my Scouting History.
The 10th World Jamboree – “Building, Tomorrow Today” was the best experience I have ever had in my life and I feel I gained so much from attending that Jamboree.  Brief Info.
Mt Makling “The first World Scout Jamboree in the Far East” 12,203 scouts from 44 Countries attended, half a million visitors in one day visited the site, It was called “The Bamboo Jamboree” and Bamboo City. A revelation to both- The Filipino Smile was unforgettable it was said that the real Jamboree takes place in the hearts of Scouts from many lands.
After returning from the Jamboree I went off Kandersteg, Switzerland to meet up with my Senior Scout Group who were already over there and we climbed Gemmipass & Bluemisap Hutte Climb which took about 6.5 hours up, we had several overnight climbing stops in shelters during our climbs We also did several other climbs; I had the responsibility of bringing all 10 Senior Scouts back to England. Bored with nothing to do after Switzerland, I and my pal went off to Torquay where the Scout Troop were camping for their Summer Holiday- 3 Holiday’s and then to work!!!

In 1960 I helped run a camp at Cranham, Gloucestershire for our younger Scouts who could not go to France. Our Senior Scout Master who drove the mini bus with the boys and my pal & I (Senior Scouts) went on our Lambretta’ Scooter's, after this I took out a Warrant as an ASL to help keep our Senior Scouts from closing this was in July 1961, Over the next few years my best friend & I kept our Senior Scouts going. I joined our Rover Crew, I was a Rover Squire and did my 27 mile hike and was invested as a member of the Capt. Oates Rover Crew, where I am still today! I continued to have holidays abroad with the Senior Scouts visiting Kandesteg, Switzerland.
1962 I took the Senior Scouts to Kandersteg for a week and then onto Baveno on Lake Maggiore Italy for the other week, as one of our Leaders needed to stay on for an extra week, I was charged with bringing them back to the UK 
1963 In April I started my Wood Badge training, but had to give it up due to work commitments - Sadly one of my regrets
1966 As an ASL I took our Senior Scouts to Koblenz West Germany and we helped with our Troop 14th Hackney and another Troop 68th Hackney who joined us. A visit to “The Rhine in Flames” was a very memorable occasion.
At about this time HQ were trying to get rid of Rover Scouts but we had a very strong Crew with over 30 members. Some members joined the District Service Crew but this was disbanded after 1yr as numbers fell off sharply.
From 1966 to 1968 I continued as a ASL until I got married and moved to Colchester a round trip of 130miles every time I went to a Scout Meeting, I was forced to give up my Warrant in 1968 and concentrate on my Rover Scout Activities. Our Capt Oates Rover Crew who were formed in January 1920 and had continued throughout the 2nd World War, was threatened with closure due to HQ disbanding Rovers, which they did on 30th September 1968 the date my warrant ceased.During 1968 Our Rover Crew decided we would carry on as before and met each week as before.

1969 Onwards over the years we have been the main maintenance section of our District, raising money to purchase our Camp Site see www.fairmead.info this started as a field with an Old Log Cabin which burnt down and was replaced with a Concrete Hut by the Crew piece by piece this was finished in 1980 and to which we have added The Log Cabin, The Eating Shelter and Toilet Block (1986), we have plans to rebuild the toilet block to move into the 21st Century but currently cost have escalated to over £100,000. Although HQ at Gilwell do not recognise Rover Scouts, we have been accepted by various DC’s who have been delighted with our commitment to Hackney Scouts & Fairmead Scout Camp which is now a valuable asset to The Scout Association. Fairmead is situated about 4miles as the crow flies from Gilwell, and is at High Beech on the Edge of Epping Forest.

1976 – The Archdeacon of Hampstead, the Rev H A S Pink died aged 71; He was our Senior Scout Leader for many years.
1995 I was luckily enough to arrange a Day’s Visit to the 18th World Scout Jamboree “The Future is Now” at Flevoland nr. Dronten Holland to visit some of our Scouting pals who were at this Jamboree.
Still Scouting weekly via the Capt. Oates Rover Crew meeting every Friday throughout the year.
In 2000- My Scoutmaster George Hawkins died he was 80 years old, and he had an 11th Scout Law- A Scout is not a Mug.
I received my 40 years Chief Scout’s Long Service Decoration and I am now on my way I hope to get my 50 years.

In 2003 I started to visit several War Graves in France that belonged to members of our Scout Group,. I was able to find Ron Collings who was shot down in a Lancaster Bomber ND866G/ EM-B over France on 8th July 1944 aged 21 years he was one of our Scoutmasters and help keep our Group going through the war years he is buried in the Churchyard at Neaufles St Martin Nr Gisors France. I have also visited another one of our Scoutmaster’s Graves, he is Second Lieutenant Alan F Piesse who died 19th July 1944 aged 24 he was a Wood Badge holder and is buried at Ranville War Cemetery about 1 mile from the Pegasus Bridge and Caen Canal. On Alan’s Headstone is says “A Scoutmaster of the 14th Hackney Scout Group” and “All men loved him” he was commissioned as a tank commander in 5th Iniskilling Dragoon Guards (BP’s old regiment) We have records in our Scouting History that a former DC quoted Alan as “A lad who completely met BP’s specification of what a Scout should be” My wife & I aim to visit these two graves at least once a year, graves of two very important “Old Scouts” who were hero’s for our Group and our Country. They laid down their lives for us, they both died within 11 days of each other in different parts of France.
As a Queen Scout I made a donation to the then Chief Scout George Purdy CBE appeal for St George’s Chapel Windsor as the Scout Association needed to raise money for Scouting’s Windsor Appeal.
In 2005 we had to have CRB checks had to be done to be able to carry on Scouting.
In 2006 I managed to trace Laurence Stringer OBE - The 10th World Jamboree Continger Leader and wrote and received a letter from him also in 2006 Chief Scout Peter Duncan invited me to go to the Dedication Service at St George's Chapel on Thursday 8th March 2007.
In 2007 After I attending St George’s Chapel Windsor on 8th March I met Chief Scout Peter Duncan and we talked about Hackney,as he appeared at The Hackney Empire on several occasions. On 30th April I wrote to Peter Duncan enclosing a copy of The 14th Hackney’s history -90 years from 1911- 2001, I received a polite 'Thank You' reply but no visit as he was very tied up with the 100 year celebrations in July at Highlands Park.
In July I attend the 2007 – 100 years Jamboree at Highlands Park Chelmsford Essex, .  'THE FUTURE IS NOW',                                         During 2007 I got involved in sorting out the records and membership details for 25 of our older members of our Group that were originally held Lancing in Sussex, these old records had never been transferred to HQ at Gilwell. After I produced several documents and got them endorsed by our DC, Gilwell finally recognised us and each member was able to obtain his Scout Membership number. Since then many of our members have been issued with the correct Long Service Awards, we had 2 x 80yrs, 3 x 70yrs 1 x 60yrs and several 50 yrs awards presented by our DC, and every one of our Rover Crew Member has been issued with an Appointment Card and we are now classed as Group Skills Instructor’s and are listed as District Scout Fellowship Members.
In Late 2007 we formed The Fairmead Scout Fellowship to help with the Maintenance of our Scout Camp Site as we are all getting older projects are becoming harder to full fill, we needed some younger blood!
In April 2008 I became the Treasurer to our newly formed Fellowship we now number 43. I also took on the acting Secretary position as well.

In 2008 I had an email from John Harris who like me was trying to trace fellow Jamboree members, we met up on Thursday 27th November for Lunch and in the meantime John had been able to contact some others – then we were 6. John Harris, Mike Phillips and I formed a small committee and set about trying to trace the other 88 members.

 2009 This has been a busy year working with John & Mike on the Philippines Committee, planning our Reunion for 18th July and trying to trace as many of the 94 as possible to date we have traced 50. Towards the end of 2009 after our reunion I decided to try and build a website.

In 2010 I started to do my Wood Badge (Adult Training) and by April I reached about 50% completed this is help the change over from our Scout Fellowship to Scout Active Support Unit. I also want to continue updating our website with as much information as our members give us. I finally achieved my Wood Badge on 18th August 2010 and was presented it by our DC on behalf of Bear Grylls The current Chief Scout.

Our Scout Group was 100 years old in May 2011 and I have loved every minute I have spent Scouting and I am sure I have left bits out, but I hope you did not get bored reading my account of my life as Scout!- 

Please Remember “Old Scouts never die they just meet up again at the 'Big Campfire' in the sky”

We are currently trying to update this page as and when. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!