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John Taylor has been living in Canada since 1964, he is currently living in Eastern Ontario and although he has been back to England to visit family members. He found us via this web site as he was looking to find out about his Scouting Past when he came across our site.
I have emailed John and he tells me he still has his 'Salakot'
John told me the most enduring thing for him about the Philippe experience was the lust for travel and the acceptance that peoples needs are the same in every culture. The hospitality freely given by complete strangers was, and still is, wonderful. John went onto say 'We have travelled a lot since then and have gone out of our way to go off the beaten path to meet and be with the people of whatever country we have been in.
John said since the Jamboree, some years ago while researching a van modification one of the shops he went into was owned by a Filipino who had attended the 59 Jamboree and they spend some time talking together about The Jamboree, John said that was the first and only time he had encountered or spoken to anybody about the Jamboree- he tells me he is delighted to read about the information on the web site and it has bought back many memories.
Since making contact with John, I know several other members have contacted him and Ken Foxcroft who also lives in Canada lives about 3/4 hours drive from John what a small world. I have been fortunate enough to see some of John's travel photo's which are beautiful scenery and places he has visited. 

Hi Roger,
Thanks for your E-mail & glad you got home OK.I think yesterday was a great success and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
I've just had another hit from Genes Reunited about David Steele.
Pity it wasn't sooner & he might have made the reunion.
Anyway I'll contact him soon and let him know what we're about and check he's OK about his E-mail being sent out.
Did you have any response about your idea for a Photo DVD
Let’s get our breath back now and arrange a "non Pressure" lunch soon. Once again thanks for everything we will speak again soon.   John Harris

What a great day yesterday. Meeting everyone again and sharing memories was lovely. I hope we will keep in touch and meet again. Many thanks to all of the organising committee people for their hard work and patience in putting this event together. The venue was spot on and the arrangements too. The addition of the ride into the park to visit the jamboree/s stone was special. I just looked around and wondered where I pitched my tent in 1957 and thought how lucky I was to have followed the Jubilee Jamboree with 1959 and its amazing trip for us all to the Philippines. It was just such a special treat to spend yesterday with you all.
Have a great summer and let's keep in touch. Roger (Bagguley)

Dear Roger, 
I have only returned home this morning after visiting our grandchildren across in Nottingham. Sorry I dashed off early on Sunday morning without saying farewell but I had arranged to meet up with my wife.
What a super day our re-union was and it was obvious to everyone what a lot of hard work had been put in by the committee. I was particularly impressed by the impromptu entertainment you guys laid-on for Saturday evening. Your young pals from Pinner were great fun. Thanks once again to you all. Perhaps we might get together again in the future, regards.  Peter Sampson

John & Roger
Thanks for your message .Coincidentally David Steele has just been traced today. His daughter has just contacted John Harris and given him an e-mail address   Mike

Dear all (especially those who did the organising!), Thanks for a brilliant time yesterday - it brought it all (well some of it anyway) back for me. It seems weird that after those remarkable experiences we shared that we never saw anything of each other for 50 years! I think Dave Steele is the only person I encountered (by accident) in all that time. How time flies!  I tried to attach some pictures, but link is too slow just now. Best wishes, John Sykes

My thanks too to all of the organising committee for the 50th Makiling reunion yesterday. The trip to the Philippines was an amazing experience for all of us and could not be repeated in the modern world with its mobile phone and internet technology making communication easy and instantaneous.  I am sure that we all gained from the experience, especially when we saw the contrast between rich and poor in Delhi and Manila.  I was struck by the similarity in thoughts expressed in our diaries and the reports that we wrote on our return to the UK.
The venue was excellent and I thought that the lunch was well presented and very tasty. With best wishes to you all, Chris Rowland

A big vote of thanks to everyone that help organise the Reunion and also to everyone for attending.  It was an unqualified success.
It was wonderful to meet everyone again and a very nice meal, excellent venues, superb fellowship and simply a brilliant day. Please don't let’s wait another 50 years!!!! Thank you again. In Scouting.  Roy Ingram
PS I will be sorting out the photos I took and gladly circulate, but sorry it may not be until September time.

To the "organising committee",
Many, many thanks for the hard work that went into this successful reunion. I really enjoyed the day and meeting all of you who shared in the great adventure 50 years ago. How fortunate we were.
The memorabilia, photos, and artefacts triggered memories long forgotten - I was particularly struck by the ability of so many of you to remember such detail. My memory, in comparison is hazy on so much.
But, how wonderful it all was take care  Richard Stevens 
PS the Travel Lodge brigade left all intact (as far as we can remember of our drunken rampage).

Yes, it was a good day.  Thank you.  I, too, was amazed at the ability of some of you to remember details I had long since forgotten (including names and faces), but found the viewing of other people's souvenirs and photos brought things back. 
As for the Travel Lodge experience, I chose to stay in my room and chill out, valuing the time and space to doze, read and reflect.  I was still reading at midnight, and heard other inmates return.  You sounded very...happy! Best wishes everyone, Brian Woodcock

I really enjoyed myself immensely on Saturday and also my wife Pauline enjoyed her day.Best wishes. Geoff Ellis.(Sadly Geoff has since died)

I agree it was good to see each-other again after all those years. I will try to send photos via e mail a little later, as we are away for a while. I am happy to keep in touch. Kindest regards. Robin Oborn 

To the Committee 
Very many thanks for all the hard work and hours you and the team put in to make the reunion a wholehearted success, I enjoyed the time with you all enormously. Thank you again. I like the blue shirt but mine is a little tight across the shoulders any Chance of a larger one? Mine is a 42L  Robin Oborn

John, Mike and Roger
I believe I am correct in saying that you three are the core team who organised this event after several years toil to make contact with all the Jamboree attendees.  
Firstly, I take my hat off to you all for your perseverance and tenacity in tracing circa one third of the Scouts involved.
Secondly, congratulations in organising such a splendid reunion day out: the lunch was superb; all the chat and the souvenirs reminded me of great memories, many of which I had forgotten about; the commaderie was wonderful. Thirdly, I particularly enjoyed reminiscing with Scouts on the overflow party and I am determined to put significant effort into trying to trace (a winter job I quickly add) the other Scottish Scouts via Chester Reference Library which has the full set of UK telephone directories.
Once again please excuse my quick departure for family reasons as I would have loved to continue chatting and see all the slides/photos that were on display: Another objective I have set myself is to try and trace all the slides I took via Lockerbie Scouts.
Finally, I would be interested in knowing which national newspapers run with the story as I am sure this would help unearth other attendees.
Thank you again for making this a day to remember. Best Wishes David Claymore
PS: If I have inadvertently missed out any other core members, then please forward this email to them with my apologies! 

Thank you for your email and your offer to do even more onerous work by collating all the photos and information etc. etc
Regarding personal details, to my mind we live in a world of too much information, and what with stolen identities I would prefer to limit my details to name, email address I will give out my full address on a need to know basis. Kind Regards David 

Dear Roger, Mike & John,
Thank you all so much for making our 10th World Jamboree Reunion possible and such a resounding success. We are indeed blessed to have such an organising team.
The Reunion was thoroughly enjoyable and memorable in every detail and all your efforts in planning and execution were greatly appreciated.
I am sure that you are inundated with photographs of the spectacular event but as promised I am pleased to forward some separate email's to you with a few more photographs for your collection.
I am currently in Singapore and will return to Jersey in August 2009, in the meantime I would be grateful if you will note my Singapore email address.
Once again thank you so much and many congratulations in respect of the organisation, location, choice of menu and for making this landmark reunion possible.
With kind regards  Yours in scouting Geoff Mullet