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This Jamboree was held between December 26th 2009 to January 3rd 2010

This Jamboree Motto was "Scouts create a better world"

At this Jamboree there was a reunion of all those who went to the 10th World Jamboree in 1959, they called it the Golden Anniversary and the date for this special reunion was 29th December 2009

We were very lucky to have 2 members - Mike Phillips & Derek Anderson and their wives attending.  

In Mike's own words he said that nothing much has changed in the Philippines in 50 years although Mount Makiling is naturally a lot more covered in vegetation, tree's etc., than when we were there in 1959.

The reunion of 'Golden Oldies' was not very well attended maybe 25 or so, including a substantial (jovial but nosiy) contingent from Hong Kong. Mike quoted "you might have believed that they were the organisers"!

Mike tells how they were warmly welcomed, entertained and trandsported around the Jamboree site, it was great to see the youngsters at the APR Jamboree all enjoying themselves, all very politeand well disciplined. It was a joy to be a member of the Scout Movement with them.

It seems the water and sanitation were not up to the standards we would normally expect and a Group of Scouts aged 12yrs to 18 yrs from 41st Epping Forest Scout Group in Essex with their Leaders Richard & Helen Church who were the only Scouts from the UK had to use facilities for showers & WC's at the new Scout Hotel/Administration building that had been built at the Jamboree site rather than those on the Camping site. Seems to me nothing has changed in 50 years!

Mike confirmed although he did not see the swimming pool (which was never finished in 1959) it was now open, but I understand this swimming pool has undergone some renovations since being destroyed in 2 past powerful typhoons

Mike, Derek and their wives spent 4 nights in a hotel near the Jamboree site, it was very comfortable but the food pretty basic, they had an armed on duty all day and all night. They had a trip to Taal lake and volcano (even riding a horse to the top of the inert volcano) Yes in Mike's own words there's life in the old uns yet.

The Philippines as Mike saw it is still largely a poor country with extremes of opulence and deprivation but all Filipinos still seem very jolly and helpful. They did not go into Manila, although they did sample the horrendous traffic from & to the airport.

While Mike & Derek were in the Philippines they mused over the time they were there in 1959 and both felt so proud that they had had such an adventure then at such a young age. All in all an experience in 2009 as, indeed, it was in 1959.

I think that Mike, & Derek had a great holiday which after the Philippines they went on to Hong Kong for 6 nights and then onto Chiang Saen, North Thailand for 11 nights making this a Great Holiday for them all.

Mike, many thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences and bringing us up to date with the Jamboree site - 50 years on.